Why Choose Hypnosis Chicago.

Experience. Expertise. Proven Track Record.

Rebecca Lauer, CHt, CI
Certified Consulting Hypnotist NGH Hypnosis Instructor
Master NLP Practitioner
National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)
American Council of Hypnotic Examiners (ACHE)

Whatever your life challenges, hypnosis can help you get there faster. Often with lasting results.

Whatever your goals, you want to work with a practitioner who has the experience and expertise to help you succeed in the shortest possible time. Someone with experience in your issue.

Whether it’s overcoming your fears of flying or public speaking or breaking bad habits, Hypnosis Chicago can help.

Over the years I have helped literally thousands of people achieve their goals, so chances are excellent that I can help you as well. 

As one of Chicago’s leading providers of hypnosis, my specialties include smoking cessation, weight loss, drinking, overcoming fears of flying and public speaking, test anxiety, and breaking bad habits.

With nearly two decades in private practice, plus training and certifications from multiple hypnosis and NLP organizations, I “have more tools in my toolbox” to help you achieve your goals faster.

Fully 50% of my clientele comes from referrals–either from very happy clients or from medical and health care professionals who have heard of my work.

Hypnosis Chicago has been featured in The Chicago Tribune, WGN News, Today’s Chicago Woman, and many more.

Clients include CEO’s, entrepreneurs, celebrities, students, residents and doctors, housewives and teenagers, business owners, firemen, and probably someone you know.

Live out-of-town? No problem. Phone and Skype sessions are available. I work with clients over the phone from as far as Australia,  the UK, Europe, Japan, and Indonesia.

Whatever your life challenges, hypnosis can help you get there faster. Often with lasting results.

PLEASE NOTE: Several other hypnosis practices have adopted names similar to ours. Please note they are not affiliated with us or the work that we do. Hypnosis Chicago is the original practice by that name. Do not be confused by other versions of our name.  There is only one Hypnosis Chicago.