All sessions are now face-to-face via

Phone, Facetime, Zoom, Skype, or WhatsApp

All sessions are virtual for your safety and convenience.  Using Facetime, Zoom, or other apps, we can see and interact with each other, and virtual sessions have proven to be every bit as effective as in-person sessions.

Over the years and of course, for many months during Covid-19, I have helped many clients quit smoking, stop drinking, lose weight, and overcome many fears–all via virtual sessions.

Basically all that’s need for hypnosis is voice and proper suggestions. A recording of your session will be sent to you via Dropbox as well. You will want to find a comfortable space in your home, perhaps reclining on a sofa or bed, and wear comfortable clothes. Headphones are also recommended.

Click on the session to schedule an appointment.

First Time Session (1 1/2 Hours) $300

All new clients must make a First Time Session. The first session is 90 minutes to ensure that we have ample time to discuss your goals, triggers, limiting beliefs, and so on. This also includes a 35-minute hypnosis session that is tailored to your specific needs.

Please note: Hypnosis works best when we focus on one issue at a time. Otherwise, we dilute the results. So come prepared to focus on one behavior change for maximizing effectiveness.

Follow Up Session ( 1 hour) $200

Lasts one full hour, with generally 30 minutes of hypnosis. A complimentary recording is included with each session.

Double Session POWER PACK (2 hours Back-to-Back) $400. 

A Double Session (Power Pack) is recommended for those who want to get faster results and is designed to be used for just one issue, such as smoking, weight loss, and fear of flying.  We do two sessions back-to-back for maximum results. The Double Package is also popular with those who have to travel long distances, or have an upcoming flight or presentation and want to get over their fears quickly.

Save with our  Session Packages

Most of us didn’t get our problems overnight, and so it can take a series of sessions to achieve long-lasting, optimal results. Our Packages make this approach more affordable. The more sessions you buy, the more you save.

3 Sessions for $650

Includes a $300 first session and two $200 follow-up sessions. Save $50.

4 Sessions for $795

Includes a $300 first session and three $200 follow-up sessions. Save $105.

All sessions include a complimentary recording of your session. Payment is required upon booking to reserve your time.

How many sessions will I need?
While you should see results even after one session, and often the results are significant, I strongly recommend 3-6 sessions for more lasting results. The more complex and deep-rooted the issue, the more sessions may be required.

Reinforcement may be necessary to maintain success, and you will be required to listen to your recordings to help maximize the results. Some clients may want to do ongoing maintenance for lifetime results, while others may find that they get everything they need in a few sessions.

SAVE $10 on all sessions and packages when you pay with CHASE Zelle.

To use Zelle, call or email me with several dates/times that work for you, and I will book and hold the appointment for 24 hours.  Then email the funds to rlauer@hypnosischicago.com within 24 hours to confirm. This must be completed manually as my online appointment calendar does not currently accept Chase Zelle.


Ask about other packages and discounts.

Packages must be used within one year of purchase and are non-refundable, although you can gift any unused sessions to friends and family members within that time frame.


Payment Methods: Visa/MC/Discover Card, checks, cash. Insurance is not accepted.


Please Note: A FREE recording of your session is included via DropBox. I will upload your file and then you can access it. 


Please note: Session recordings are available only at the time of the session or up to one month later. The sheer volume of people who request that I keep their sessions makes storing, duplicating and mailing them unfeasible. 


48-HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY: Your appointment time is a contract between us, and it is held for you even if many others have requested that date and time. If you need to reschedule or cancel, please do so 48 hours in advance. Otherwise, you will be billed in full for the session as I cannot fill it on short notice.


REFUND POLICY: If you purchase a package and do not use all your sessions, you can use them at a later date or you will be refunded the remaining amount, although you will no longer receive the discount for volume. Ex: If you purchase a 3-pack, and use only two of the three sessions, your refund would be minus $300 for the first session, $200 for the second for a refund of the balance. The first session is always 90 minutes and costs $300.


Please Note: I do not offer any guarantees, as no one can guarantee the behavior of another. You are playing for my time and expertise, as you would for a massage therapist, psychotherapist, or personal trainer. Once we are in session, there are NO REFUNDS. All sessions taken are FINAL. 


Questions? Send me an eMail here