Stop Smoking or Vaping

Stop Smoking or Vaping with Hypnosis Chicago 

  • Live up to 15 years longer for women and 14 years for men

  • Helps prevent lung cancer, heart disease, stroke and other smoking-related illnesses

  • Stop coughing and hacking, sleep better

  • Save approximately $2000 to $5000 dollars a year/pay for your sessions within a month as a non-smoker

  • Stop being a slave to this habit

  • Smell better, feel better, improve your social life

So many people try hypnosis as a “last resort,” having tried every other method with no results. Happily, these people DO SUCCEED with hypnosis.

Hypnosis has the highest success rate of all the methods available, as proven by the studies, and my own clinical experience.

Quitting smoking is actually one of the easiest issues to work with under hypnosis.

No other method of smoking cessation works as well as hypnosis. According to a meta-analysis of over 633 different smoking cessation methods, hypnosis was rated as the most effective. (See the Journal of Applied Psychology, 1992)

Interestingly, this study also showed that the patch and gum are only a little more effective than cold turkey. Cold turkey came in at around 5% effectiveness rate, compared with 9% each for the patch and gum.

In fact, anything that we can tell the subconscious mind to stay away from, it seems to understand. So you can become a nonsmoker in just two sessions.

Hypnosis is the only tool that deals with the psychological component of smoking, and address the many reasons why you smoke, such as to reward yourself, a little time-out or escape from the daily grind, as a reaction to stress, and so on.

Unlike other methods, there are no unpleasant side effects with hypnosis, such as those often experienced with Chantix. Laser treatments are also not approved by the FDA for smoking cessation.

With over two decades in private practice, I have literally helped thousands of people quit smoking.  In fact, smokers are among my best source of referrals. That’s how well it works.

In  just two or three sessions, you can expect to be an non-smoker. Often without irritability or cravings. Weight gain. Or all the struggle and agony of trying to quit.

How many sessions will I need? And what results can I expect?

On average, in Chicago, people are spending anywhere from $250 to $400 a month on this habit. And it is a slow poison. You will recoup the cost of your session within a month or two of quitting. So this is a worthwhile investment in yourself.

About Guarantees: I do not guarantee any results, since no one can guarantee how anyone will react or respond to hypnosis. Any hypnotist who claims to do this is usually just trying to build their business, and this is a marketing gimmick. However, I will say that my success rate is very high, and that smokers are among my best sources of referrals.

Basic Stop Smoking: Two to Three sessions are recommended.

Usually we can eliminate the majority of the habit in just two sessions, but I strongly recommend a follow-up session to keep you on track for life. While some people can quit in one session, studies and my own clinical experience has shown that the success rate can triple with two to three sessions.

For Lifelong Smokers: To start with, three sessions are recommended, spaced about one week apart. Afterwards, follow-up sessions are recommended every three or four months to ensure that you have quit smoking for good. This can be a very insidious habit, and sneak back into your life very easily–so it is in your best interest to take advantage of support until you are confident you quit for good.

Also, some people may need 4 sessions to quit, as they may find that they gradually cut back with each session.  Every person is different. And it doesn’t matter how many sessions it takes for you to stop, the important thing is that you do stop smoking.

You will receive a free copy of your sessions in Dropbox, which you can listen to daily to reinforce the results.

Compare the cost of hypnosis to that of smoking.

After just a few sessions, you will start saving a lot of money over what you may be spending monthly and annually on cigarettes.

An investment in hypnosis is a few hundred dollars, compared to spending $1500 to $5000 a year in cigarettes. That is a lot of money literally up in smoke. To say nothing of health issues and the accompanying medical bills to come.

My program is based upon over many years of experience in discovering what methods and techniques are the most effective for helping smokers quit. I incorporate powerful techniques for fast, permanent results. So why continue to do things the hard way?


Real Results from Real People:

I’ve successfully been a non-smoker now for over one year without a single relapse. Very pleased with the lasting effects. Not only that, the visualization that we chose to replace the vision of smoking has come to fruition as well.”   Dan Stummer.

You cured me of smoking two years ago. I wasn’t even tempted to smoke again. There were no cravings and I only needed one session. Never looked back.”       Graham S.

“I haven’t had a cigarette in over 3 weeks. They just don’t interest me anymore. Frankly, I am very surprised at the results, but also very pleased. Never thought it could be this easy. I am also more relaxed and content. I seem to deal with stress more easily.”   Betsy Grenzbach

“ January 27, 2010 marks my three year anniversary without a cigarette! Thanks to you this has been possible. Life is a whole lot easier as a nonsmoker. I can finally own up to the fact that I feel better, smell better and am just overall pleased that I don’t smoke. Thanks again.”   Dawn Lannacone.

“My wife didn’t believe that I haven’t had a cigarette all week, because normally when I try to quit, I’m so crabby and miserable to be around, she actually buys me cigarettes…but the truth is I haven’t smoked since our first session, and don’t want a cigarette. I’m not hitting the ATM machine nearly as much as I once was either. And I feel so much better.”   Tom W.

I’m floored that I quit smoking after just two sessions. I feel 10 times better and even used my excess energy to clean our my closets and donate bags of clothes and books to Goodwill. My whole life has changed.”   Mary Ann O.

“These are all true case histories. However, results will vary from individual to individual depending on how well you respond to hypnosis, how many sessions you do, how often you listen to the recordings.” 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is your success rate?
A. Smoking is one of the easiest issues to correct using hypnosis.  While many people do quit after one session, two to three sessions are highly recommended for continued, long-term success. Many doctors are now referring their patients to me for help in this area, based upon their patients results

Q. How many sessions will I need?
A.  Generally, I recommend two to three sessions spaced a week apart to end this habit permanently. While it’s true that some people can quit in one session, additional  sessions can help to prevent relapses and the thought that “I can have just one,” which all too frequently leads to a full-blown addiction again. Two or three sessions may also be helpful to prevent weight gain.

During the first session, we can knock out about 75% to 80% of the habit. After exploring your reasons for smoking, your specific triggers, why you want to quit, we’ll do a session based on your needs, beliefs, thoughts and triggers. You will receive a complimentary CD recording of each session that you can use between our sessions. This helps to reinforce the suggestions and maintain the positive results.

During the second session, we discuss what happened and go from there. For instance, after your first session you may find that you didn’t have a cigarette all week until you went out drinking with your friends, and then you had a smoke. Or you may not have smoked at all and feel like you quit for good, but may be a bit cranky or find that you’re eating more.

If you have smoked for 25 or more years, are a heavy smoker or suspect that you have some resistance to quitting, you may want to invest in the 3-session package.

Q. What makes your program so effective?
A. I do a thorough review of your smoking history, triggers, beliefs and thoughts associated with the habit, as well as exploring the reasons why you might smoke, such as stress, using cigarettes to relax, to comfort or reward yourself, and so on. Then I’ll use that information to craft a powerful session customized specifically for you. I use a combination of positive countering suggestions, mental imagery and powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques to help you break this habit for good.

You’ll substitute a positive habit for cigarettes, break any positive associations you have with smoking, strengthen your belief in your power to quit, see yourself as an ex-smoker for life, and be given suggestions to “stay away from that first cigarette” and much more.

Q. How does hypnosis compare to other methods like the nicotine patch and gum?
A. The American Lung Association states that smoking is both a psychological habit and a physical addiction.  The nicotine patch and gum  address the physiological addiction to nicotine, but do nothing to address the underlying psychological reasons why people smoke. Hypnosis is the only tool which directly reaches deep into the subconscious mind where the habit is ingrained.

Once we reach the subconscious, we can simply give it new orders, such as “you’re an ex-smoker now, you reach for water instead of a cigarette, you’ve lost all desire to smoke,” and so on. Once the subconscious accepts these new suggestions, quitting smoking is easy and effortless. You are no longer fighting your own mind. You are using hypnosis to help you achieve your goals. You can, of course, use hypnosis in conjunction with the nicotine gum or patch if you prefer.

Research proves that Hypnosis is one of the most effective methods for smoking cessation.

In one of the largest studies ever conducted, hypnosis was proven to be the most successful means of quitting smoking, beating out acupuncture, nicotine gum, medication, smoking clinics, smoke aversion techniques, educational programs, group withdrawal clinics and Physician Intervention and Advice, and others.

A total of 15 different methods were compared in an extensive and exhaustive study that drew from over 633 different scientific studies worldwide. This study was published in the Journal of Applied Psychology in 1992.

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