What to expect at your first session.

All sessions are private, confidential, and take place in a professional office, not a home. Your first session is a full 90 minutes long, so that we have the time to explore your goals and challenges.

Each session is personalized to your unique goals, beliefs, challenges and triggers for maximum effectiveness.

You may be aware that some hypnotists use a one-size-fits-all approach, and basically are reading from a script. Others use pre-recorded sessions. These are not going to be nearly as effective as sessions that are based upon your beliefs, trigger points, and motives for change.

You deserve to have a real, live, authentic hypnosis session that is personalized to you.

To that end, I will be asking a lot of in-depth questions. That’s why your first session runs a full 90 minutes, as I do not want to rush you nor do I want to be rushed. In order to do my best work, it is necessary that I have a full understanding of your goals, as well as what thoughts and behaviors might be getting in your way.

I listen very carefully to what you say, and the more specific you can be with me, often the more effective a session I can create for you.

Together, we’ll identify any self-limiting beliefs and determine specific goals for each session. This part of the session usually lasts from half an hour to 45 minutes.

I will offer recommendations for each session, but ultimately what we work on is up to you. You determine what you want to achieve first.

Then we do a live hypnosis session, personalized for you. This usually lasts 35 minutes. You will receive a complimentary recording of your session to reinforce the results.

 Each session includes some self-esteem and stress reduction suggestions, because research shows that every issue gets better when stress is reduced and self-esteem boosted.

I believe that listening very carefully to you, and then crafting a personalized session is the reason why my clients are able to achieve remarkable results very quickly.

Please email me at rlauer@hypnosischicago.com if you have further questions, or book your appointment now.