Real Results


I’ve successfully been a non-smoker now for over one year without a single relapse. Very pleased with the lasting effects. Not only that, the visualization that we chose to replace the vision of smoking has come to fruition as well.”   Dan Stummer.


You cured me of smoking two years ago. I wasn’t even tempted to smoke again. There were no cravings and I only needed one session. Never looked back.”       Graham S.


“I haven’t had a cigarette in over 3 weeks. They just don’t interest me anymore. Frankly, I am very surprised at the results, but also very pleased. Never thought it could be this easy. I am also more relaxed and content. I seem to deal with stress more easily.”   Betsy Grenzbach


“ January 27, 2010 marks my three year anniversary without a cigarette! Thanks to you this has been possible. Life is a whole lot easier as a nonsmoker. I can finally own up to the fact that I feel better, smell better and am just overall pleased that I don’t smoke. Thanks again.”   Dawn L.


“My wife didn’t believe that I haven’t had a cigarette all week, because normally when I try to quit, I’m so crabby and miserable to be around, she actually buys me cigarettes…but the truth is I haven’t smoked since our first session, and don’t want a cigarette. I’m not hitting the ATM machine nearly as much as I once was either. And I feel so much better.”   Tom W.



I’m floored that I quit smoking after just two sessions. I feel 10 times better and even used my excess energy to clean our my closets and donate bags of clothes and books to Goodwill. My whole life has changed.”   Mary Ann O.


Weight Loss

“I have lost 46 lbs as of last Friday, I am going to the gym 5 days a week, and have just signed up with a personal trainer! Thank you so much for helping in this huge change in my life. I feel soooo much better than I ever have.” Debi Nowak


“I’ve gone from feeling deprived and depressed to feeling positive and proud. I used to try to just get through the day without blowing my diet, and now I wake up and my life isn’t about food anymore. For the first time in my life, I feel like I can do this.”   Cheryl R.



“Rebecca, you don’t recognize me, do you? I lost over 100 pounds after two sessions with you. I truly believe that hypnosis gave me the power and strength to break old eating habits and Weight Watchers taught me how to enjoy food and eat healthier. I lost over 100 pounds and have kept it off for 3 years now! I was able to go off blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetic medicines because of weight loss. I’ve never felt better or younger and I attribute it to both programs. It worked!”   Chris Fink

“After one session I was amazed that I suddenly had control over food. I simply couldn’t overeat anymore. After 3 sessions I have lost nearly 20 lbs. and am down 2 sizes! I have recommended Rebecca to all my doctors and all my friends. I hope to be a walking advertisement.”   Cindy Good


“I’m blown away. I haven’t had any sweets since I last saw you last week. I’ve always felt I had two voices in my head; one that said eat sweets, one that tried to talk me out of it. In the past the voice that said eat sweets always won out. Now it’s as if the voice that says pass on them is now much stronger. This is weird. I used to eat bags and bags of M & N’s, and couldn’t pass on the sweets at work. Yesterday I actually picked up two pieces of candy at work, then turned around and put it back. I’ve already lost several pounds! So I feel like I’m on my way.”   Judy L.


“I saw Sarah at Curves and she lost 100 lbs. after seeing you. I need to lose 75 lbs., so that’s why I’m here.”   Sandra I.


“Rebecca, if Michigan Avenue had been paved in chocolate, I wouldn’t have had a drop of it. This is the first time I was able to pass by Fannie Mae without stopping in. This is great!”   Tanya D.


“I am the poster child for you. I haven’t had any greasy burgers or fries in a month! And I was a fast-food addict for years. I’ve gone to Subway instead and the weight is coming off.”   Jennifer S.


“That manic feeling that I have to eat is just gone. It is such a relief not to be thinking about food all the time.”   Peggy R.


“It’s been two weeks since I binged and purged, and this is the easiest it’s ever been for me. I don’t feel like I have to struggle. I feel like this is behind me now. I’ve gone two weeks before without bingeing, but never has it been this effortless.”   Pam N.


Fly Without Fear

“First off I wanted to let you know that I flew this week and I thoroughly enjoyed it!! I was totally relaxed and unafraid.

loved the feeling of being up in the air. Even the turbulence, taking off and landing were totally fine – exciting, even. This is life-changing for me. Thank you so much.”  Ellen C.


“I did the two hypnosis sessions with you a month before flying. I also listened to the CD about five times before flying.

I was still nervous the upcoming days before flying.  I wasn’t sure if hypnosis even worked.  I normally would take several zanex pills before and during my flight.  I would still get severe panic attacks.  The morning of my flight, I woke up relaxed.

The flight was totally fine.  During takeoff, I was relaxed.  I slept most of the flight and had no panic attack.  Landing was the same, I was fine.  I actually enjoyed my vacation up until the day I had to fly home.  The flight home was the same. I wanted to thank you so much.  I never thought I would be able to fly without panic again.  I’m very happy and proud of myself.” Sheila M.

I went to Rebecca after a frustrating 5-6 years of being afraid to fly. I grew up flying with no problem, but intense stress and anxiety manifested itself into a crippling fear of flights. I spent years anxious about it and wondering if I would ever fly again.

On somewhat of a whim, and remembering a friend mentioning hypnosis, I decided to give Hypnosis Chicago/Rebecca a try. I don’t want to say I was skeptical, but I was certainly afraid my mind wouldn’t be open enough to engage in the therapy.

However, I was wrong! I had 3 (yes, only 3!) sessions with her and has it changed my life. I flew two times last week with no problem. I listened to the tapes of our sessions on the plane during takeoff and I never felt an ounce of fear.    Page R


Was having some real problems flying and this has helped immensely!! Huge difference with just 3 sessions. I was so happy I’m going back to work on some other things.

Rebecca has been very professional and is great to work with. She was clear that this helps many people but not everyone. Luckily, I was one of the ones it helped. I’d recommend her to anyone!  Kate M


Drink in Moderation

“I have been sober since my first session. Alcohol is no longer controlling my life! I listened to the tape of our session daily for several months. As time went on I needed it less and less.

With the holiday and new year upon us, I wanted to send you my sincere thanks.”      Sharon L.


“I used to enjoy a 1/2 bottle of wine with my husband in the evenings, but I am pleased to tell you that I haven’t touched a glass since I last saw you‚ and I haven’t even missed it.

Since I’m not drinking 2 or 3 glasses of wine every night, I’m sleeping better as well.” Julie B.


“I want to be able to pace myself when I drink. I used to get so out of control at parties and events that I’d embarrass myself.

Sometimes I’d meet a cute guy and there I’d be, slurring my words. Not very attractive. Hypnosis has helped me to pace myself and drink much less. I now have a glass of water between drinks, and it’s helped a lot! Thank you.” Karen B.

“I was up to a bottle of wine a night, and I have a small toddler. I realized this had to stop. The best thing I ever did was to see you for hypnosis. I feel like I’m reconnecting with my daughter and my relationship with my husband has improved. And I feel like exercising again and to be honest, living again.”     Tanya H.


I was shocked when you told me that the amount of wine I was drinking every night was the equivalent of a milkshake. That did it for me! I would no more have a milkshake at night than I would a bucket of fried chicken.

My days of drinking a bottle of wine every night with dinner are over, and I feel so much better. I still drink a glass or two when I’m out with friends, but that’s it.

What a difference this has made. I’m sleeping through the night now, and I used to wake up at least two times a night–and much, of course. The weight is coming off too. I lost 5 pounds the first week of being sober all week. What’s really funny is that I don’t even miss the stuff. I wish I had done this years ago.”    Linda S.


“My drinking was starting to get out of control and was affecting my job and relationships.

I usually binged on weekends and drank heavily during the week as well. My girlfriend said if I don’t quit she is going to break up with me.

Drinking heavily runs in my family, so I was a bit skeptical about whether or not this would work, but I knew a friend who used you  to quit smoking and wanted to give it a try.

After our first session, I went all day Saturday without a drink. Normally I would have started around noon. Finally at 11pm at night I said to myself “well, it is Saturday night. I could have one drink.” And so I poured myself one and drank only a few sips. I really didn’t even want any more of it.

This is amazing. It wasn’t like I had to argue with myself. I just didn’t want one. This is the first time in years I’ve gone over a week without a drink. I feel like I’m getting my life back. Now I want my brother to see you.”   Fred S.



“I’ve gotten into a bad habit of putting away a few hard drinks every night. It hasn’t affected my work yet but I don’t want this to go any further. I feel like I have an addictive personality, so I came to see you to quit completely.

Hypnosis has worked far better than I expected. I was able to quit completely after two sessions. Unbelievable. I don’t even think about drinking anymore.”   Nick T.


Public Speaking

Dear Rebecca,

I have dealt with glossophobia (fear of public speaking) for the better part of my 38 years.  I have tried everything from meditation to medication to try and remedy the symptoms prior to and during my presentations.  Needless to say none of my prior attempts had long-lasting results.  I would try to avoid group meetings, presentations, and seminars for fear of being called on or asked to speak.  In short, this phobia cost me career advancement, critical networking opportunities, and most of all hundreds of hours of useless stress and anxiety.

I am so thankful that I found Hypnosis Chicago and found a treatment that works to address the source of this phobia –my subconscious.  After our 3 sessions together it finally sank in.  The audience is not there to judge or criticize me; they are listening to hear a message, to learn something useful and productive in their own lives.  Through our sessions I learned that I need to focus on the message I am delivering, rather than worrying about what others think or feel about me –after all, I can’t control how someone is feeling at that particular moment, all I can do is try to make our time together enjoyable, productive, and deliver a succinct message.

I have given several presentations over the past few months, and more invitations keep popping up.  I have had many people compliment me and tell me how much they enjoyed my presentations.  I have found that as long as I am well prepared and thoroughly understand the subject matter, it is very easy for me to stand in front of a large group and “share” my knowledge and my beliefs.  Every speaking opportunity is another building block of self-confidence and I can honestly say that I now enjoy the opportunity to speak to groups of people.

Thank you for all of your assistance.  Public speaking has been a source of anxiety and frustration for me for far too long.  My only regret is that I didn’t seek your services earlier. I’m so happy to finally have glossophobia behind me and under control.  I would recommend hypnosis to anyone that is struggling with a disabling phobia like I had.   David C.

“I just wanted to call you and let you know how my presentation went. You know how nervous I was about talking in front of 200 people, but it went really well. In fact, my supervisor shook my hand afterwards and congratulated me for giving such a great presentation.” Jim H.


My presentation went extremely well, and you know the last time I gave a talk I completely botched it…stumbled around, got all red, felt flustered and had cotton mouth. Well, what a difference a few sessions has made! I felt very relaxed and comfortable giving that talk. I can’t thank you enough. This has bothered me for some time and was negatively affecting my work, but no more. I actually had fun being on stage.” Paul M.


”Since I started working together my worry and anxiety level has gone way down. I am able to relax now and enjoy being at parties and with people. I find the CDs especially helpful.” Dorothy R.


“I just wanted to call and thank you. My presentation went really well yesterday and my supervisor complimented me, giving me his highest rating! I’d have to say this was a big turnaround from where I started. Gone was the nervousness and self-consciousness.” Jose H.


My sister said you hypnotized her for stage fright. She said it worked so well she can’t even conjure up her old fears. Now she feels confident about public speaking and she used to agonize over presentations for months.” Julia N.

Test Anxiety

“I just wanted to let you know some news…I PASSED THE EXAM!!!  I would like to thank you for your help and guidance along the way – I could not have done it without your help.

You truly did help me gain back my confidence in myself and allowed me to be successful and overcome my testing anxiety. Thank you so much for everything. I really liked how the idea of the test related to a recipe  I  thought about that a lot! So thanks again…you have helped me move into the next stage of my life”    Liesl Schuberth


“You helped me in three sessions, within a week to conquer my fear of the verbal reasoning portion of the MCAT exam. As it turns out, my score improved five points, from a 4 to a 9, which is huge in itself!! In fact, I called and spoke with the President of the AAMC and his secretary who was floored that after seeking your help I could make such a strong comeback. I am now on par and competitive with the other applicants in that area.

I was so happy and thrilled that you could help me out like that. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for your time, understanding, and help. I look forward to working with you again!”   Marney P.

“You know last time I came to see you I froze up for one whole hour while taking my exams. I hated that feeling. But this time I was so relaxed.”   Kristan B.


“I have to tell you I am extremely pleased with the results of our last session. Instead of mindlessly re-reading the same paragraph over and over again, and not remembering what I read, I am now able to read normally. I can get to the next paragraph. This last week I actually read a whole chapter and I haven’t been able to do that for months. And for the first time, the material seems to be sticking in my brain. I now feel confident that I’ll be able to pass my exams.”   Marcy J. K.


“I am good at my job but I couldn’t pass my exams. People in the office were beginning to look at me and wonder what was wrong. I almost felt some were sniggering behind my back. By the time I came to see you, I’d failed the exams 3 times. It was humiliating.

But now I’m happy to report that after our work together (about 4 to 5 sessions) I have finally passed! It is an unbelievable relief and feeling to be able to get on with my life. I just wanted to call and let you know, so thank you for your part in this.”     Pat B.