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Nail Biting hypnosis



YES. Hypnosis Chicago can help with nail biting, face picking, even hair pulling.

“Believe it or not…it worked!!!! I was picking my nails and then all of a sudden realized that I wasn’t. It was subconscious. My nails look better than ever, not red. Thank you!

Bite your nails? Imagine yourself with:

  • Long or normal fingernails

  • No redness or scabbing on your hands

  • No embarrassment

  • No more hiding your hands for fear of exposure

  • Ability to get manicures

  • No beating yourself up for this habit

  • Feel more confident, more professional

If you pick you face, imagine:

  • No more scabs or unsightly red marks

  • Avoid permanent scarring

  • A glowing, fresh complexion

  • No more heavy make-up to hide the picking

  • No more obsessions about this

  • No beating yourself up for this habit

And if you pull your hair, imagine:

  • Having a full head of lustrous hair

  • No more short hair from breaking if off

  • No more patchy bald spots

  • No more hairdos or cover-ups (hats) designed to camouflage thinning areas

If you suffer from any of these chronic habits, hypnosis can help.

Hypnosis is actually quite effective for issues such as nail biting, face picking, thumb sucking, and other undesirable habits.

These embarrassing and often chronic habits can be greatly reduced or completely eliminated using hypnosis, generally in 3 to 6 sessions.

During our first session, I will do a thorough intake, asking you what your triggers are, and whether or not you derive a sense of pleasure or satisfaction from this behavior, or if it just seems to be a nervous habit, and so on.

Then each session is personalized to address your specific beliefs / triggers.

For instance, many clients who pick their face have a belief that somehow, picking their face will make them look better, no matter how much evidence they have to the contrary. In other words, despite some scars and redness, they still persist in the belief that picking will somehow improve their appearance.

So in this case, suggestions will be given that if they want to look and feel their best, they keep their hands away from their faces except for grooming purposes and that they will look much better if they simply let their skin heal and leave their face alone.

If worry and stress are big triggers, or boredom, then suggestions and techniques are given to help you develop better coping methods, and for feeling more relaxed and at peace in general.

I also use several NLP techniques under hypnosis to help you stop completely.

What results should I expect?

You should see an improvement even after one session. Often clients will report a dramatic reduction in their picking/pulling right away. A lucky few can quit completely after just one session. For most, however, 3 to 4 sessions are recommended for lasting, permanent results. It all depends upon how long you’ve been doing this, how complex the issue is, and so forth.

Real life success stories:

“It worked. I was pretty surprised. It’s like you just erased it (the hair twirling). It’s like it never existed. It’s crazy. But that urge to put my hand on my head and pull at my hair is just gone. I am thrilled, and it only took one session.” Suzanne F.

“My hair is growing out. I haven’t pulled my hair at all now for four months. People are noticing that I’m not covering up my hair as much as I once did. I can let go of the headscarves. I am so grateful. Thank you.” Cynthia M.

“Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you I stopped biting my nails! Unbelievable. Now I was wondering if I could use hypnosis for weight loss.” Dan G.

“Since you hypnotized me for face picking, my husband has commented that I am now “folding my hands in my lap and sitting like a lady.” I think that is your suggestion that I keep my hands away from my face and in my lap or side, where they belong. I haven’t picked my face at all since session 3 and have noticed that my skin is indeed looking much better.” Kristin T.

“Rebecca, I want you to see my hands! I actually have long nails and yesterday got a manicure for the first time in years! Years! Thank you so much.” Ashley D.

All testimonials are from actual clients.

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