Articles by Patrick

Stop Smoking for Life

Hypnosis Chicago has helped thousands of people stop smoking  Live up to 15 years longer for women and 14 years for men Helps prevent lung cancer, heart disease, stroke and [...]

Drink in Moderation

Drink in moderation, or not at all. Hypnosis Chicago can help. Hypnosis can help you: Stop drinking alone Stop drinking wine nightly with dinner Drink only on social [...]

Lose Weight, Feel Great

Get your body back with Hypnosis Chicago. Hypnosis can help you: Stop obsessing about food Get off sweets, carbs, fast food Develop a healthy relationship with food Make [...]

Fly Fearlessly

Conquer Your Fear of Flying with Hypnosis Chicago. Over the years I’ve helped hundreds of people overcome their fear of flying with hypnosis. In fact, this is an issue [...]

Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

Overcome Fear of Public Speaking with Hypnosis Chicago. Hypnosis can help you: Relax and be yourself during presentations Speak up more during meetings Respond in class Feel [...]

Overcome Test Anxiety

Overcome Test Anxiety, Improve Study Habits with Hypnosis Chicago. When it comes to Test-Taking, hypnosis can: Help you pass exams you failed in the past Significantly boost [...]

Get Over Your Ex

Get Over Your Ex with Hypnosis Chicago. Most of us have experienced some heartbreak in our lives. Someone we love has said good-bye, and we are in shock and disbelief. [...]

Hypnosis helps with…

Hypnosis Chicago can help you achieve your goals.  Hypnosis can be used for a wide variety of issues. It can help with everything from nail biting to fertility, from [...]