Erectile Dysfunction

Hypnosis can help you enjoy love-making again without side effects or stopping to take a pill.

Many men will experience the pain and embarrassment of Erectile Dysfunction during their lifetime. Stress, job loss, too much alcohol, fatigue, aging and other factors—all can contribute to this situation.

What makes matters worse is that often clients report that if it happens once or twice, they live in fear that it will become a permanent condition.

Sometimes their very fear can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, and it becomes more frequent than not. Obviously this can take a toll on their love life and relationships, even if their partner is extremely understanding.

Once any medical conditions or side effects of drugs are ruled out by a physician, then hypnosis can often help to relieve and in some cases completely restore you to healthy functioning. Without having to interrupt the flow by taking a pill. And without the side effects of medication.

Hypnosis Can Help

Hypnosis can help to turn off that negative self-talk and fear that you won’t be able to achieve an erection. This fear alone can interfere with a positive outcome.

Under trance, I can give you suggestions that you are healthy and virile, to relax and let nature take its course, that you easily and effortlessly can achieve and maintain an erection, and have you visualize yourself enjoying a healthy, satisfying love life.

Just changing the internal dialogue you have with yourself regarding ED can go along way towards erasing it. I use many NLP and hypnosis techniques and metaphors to help restore your ability to get and maintain an erection.

This is an issue that responds to hypnosis, as long as there is no underlying medical condition.

Please Note:  If you have experienced ED, please consult with your medical doctor first to ensure that there is no physiological reason for this condition. I will only work with clients on this who have had a physician determine that there is nothing PHYSICALLY wrong, and that the culprit is likely stress and worry about the situation.

TESTIMONIALS: Following are excerpts from a 64-year old man who wanted to enjoy the same sex life he’d had with his wife for over 30 years. We did several sessions. Below, in descending order, are the emails he sent to me detailing his progress:

“Good Morning, Rebecca. The wifey and I are back from our Vegas Family ReUnion/Vacation and it was “awesome”. So goes my bedroom life as well. I can say with almost medical certainty that I am ‘back’. I will fill in some blanks when we have our final session.”

I wanted to report some more good news. I realized that for me to get back into a normal of swing of things – I would have to act normal. I started that on Sunday after a warm shower and snuggling under the covers with the wifey. True to our hypno-sessions things just took their course and the love making just happened. No explosion like the 4th of July but I I was happy and she was content.

I decided to get a little adventurous on MON. Then on TUES I was actually feeling a bit sleepy but relaxed and “whamo” nature took over…no pills…no explosion…but a healthy session. That’s three consecutive days in a row. I am very happy and on pace. There is no pressure on me but tonight I am going to see if I can score four. Jorge H


Case History:

Recently a very personable, young gay man came to see me, in his late 20s, reporting that he couldn’t achieve an erection even when his partner was “really trying.” He had experienced this condition most of his life but it seemed to be getting worse over the last six to eight months.

He booked the two-session, two-hour back-to-back session so he could jump-start his sexual performance quickly. However, he was very skeptical about the effectiveness of the sessions. After the first session, he said “Well, I didn’t feel like I was hypnotized. I heard you and was aware the whole time.” I explained that that was what a light state of trance feels like. Very much like a massage. And I encouraged him to have a little patience.

We did the second session, and he went much deeper the second time. Afterwards he said “well, I think I just fell asleep during the second session. I don’t think this is going to work for me.” Long story short, I spent about 45 minutes trying to assure him that the conscious mind is often the last to know how effective this is, and it can feel like nothing happened. He asked me if he should see his partner, and I said that was up to him, but perhaps he’d want to give it at least a few days and listen to the session recordings to see how it went. He left my office inquiring about my refund policy, as he was pretty certain it didn’t work for him.

The next day I came into the office and opened up my email. I had a note from him. I opened it was some trepidation. But it was very positive. He wrote “Well, I didn’t think I was hypnotized when I left your office. And I know you said to wait to see my partner for a bit, but we got together that night, and it was the BEST SEX I’ve had in a long time, maybe ever! So I guess I was hypnotized. Thank you! This is the only thing that has helped.”